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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Fashion Do’s to be a fashion Yes

By Bridgette Raes

The following are 10 quick tips that you can implement to go from a fashion “no” to a fashion “yes!”

Fashion Do #1 -
Do organize your closet by classification from light to dark.

An organized closet is a crucial part of lessening the morning “what to wear” anxieties. A well organized closet is hung by classification, and within each classification your clothing should be organized from light to dark by color category. Doing this can also help you see just how many pairs of black pants you own!

Fashion Do #2 -
Do keep all dry cleaning bags off your clothing

Storage in plastic dry cleaning bags suffocates your clothing. Your clothing needs to breathe, and the longer it is kept in plastic the more quickly the fibers will begin to break down and your clothing will fall apart. Choose cloth garment bags. You can also protect the top of your clothes from getting dusty by cutting off the top half of a dry cleaning bag and placing it over your clothing.

Fashion Do #3 -
Do use baby shampoo and a salad spinner to care for your sweaters

Baby shampoo is much milder than commercial products like Woolite; it is just as effective, and much cheaper. After washing a sweater, spin the wet garment in a salad spinner to eliminate excess water before drying flat. This will cut down on drying time.

Fashion Do #4 -
Do avoid bringing home “orphans” for your wardrobe

When contemplating whether or not you should buy something, either:

•Identify at least two things that already exist in your wardrobe that you can wear with it, or;

•Buy something in the store that works with the piece.

Fashion Do #5 -
Do always ask yourself, “Where am I going in this?”

When contemplating a new clothing purchase, asking yourself this important question will help ensure that you will take only take home things that you will actually wear. If you can’t figure out where you will wear the piece you want to buy, then you have to let it go. Don’t “Wishful Wardrobe!” Wishful wardrobing happens when you buy things for a life you wish you had, versus the one you do have.

Fashion Do # 6 -
Do know when to save and when to spend when on a budget

When on a budget there are areas where you can cut corners, and other areas where it is always smart to invest.

When to spend

Pants that fit
Finding a well-fitting pair of pants is a priceless find.

If your feet are comfortable, your whole body is comfortable.

At least one good suit
Cheap suits are gross.

Because you don’t want to tuck your boobs into your pants when you get older.

When to save

After one season, you can use an old T-shirt for dusting the furniture.

Nobody sees your underwear unless you are a pole dancer.

Sure we all want the bling, but less expensive accessories can make an outfit look pricey at half the cost.

Fashion Do #7 -
Do wear darker colors where you are the largest

It is true, where you wear a darker color you look the thinnest. However, this does not mean just black! As long as the color is darker where you are larger, next to a lighter color where you are slimmer, this trick will work.

Fashion Do #8 -
Do add vertical lines in your clothing

Vertical lines in a garment make you look slimmer and horizontal lines make you look wider. Vertical lines can be added through pintucking or creasing on a pair of pants, a vertical line of buttons, vertical stripes and ribs on a sweater.

Fashion Do #9 -
Do “upgrade the downgrade” for casual

When a sweater of good quality (like cashmere) starts to show signs of wear, instead of parting with it, downgrade it to casual. The cashmere feels great, and even though it may be a bit shoddy it still looks and feels better than wearing a junky polar fleece, and will do just fine for casual situations.

Fashion Do #10 -
Do wash colored clothing inside out

New clothing always looks great because the color is fresh and bright. To preserve the color longer, wash your colored clothing inside out. Also, always wash colored clothing in cold water. Certain fibers hold color better than others, and cotton fades more quickly than synthetics.

Bonus Fashion Do #11 -
Do think about the main colors in your wardrobe when buying accessories

Many women are daunted by adding accessories to their wardrobes. Where to begin? A great way to start is by identifying the core colors of your wardrobe. If yor wardrobe has a lot of purple, pink and green in it, for example, then start there. To implement the color tripleplay into your wardrobe, think about a complementary color that can be worn with your primary wardrobe colors. Any light shade of green is a great tripleplay accent and complements any top color well. In addtion, always have natural accessory colors on hand when stumped by what color to add.

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